About us

Md Humayun Kabir is a native Bangladeshi and CEO/Owner of KBR IT, a company who has served over 200’s of clients. His uncanny ability to take your vision, capture it and reproduce it into a proper representation of what you are trying to portray will instill you with pride. As a creative marketing director, he will take your business, apply the most cutting edge visuals to it and lead our team in the completion of your project.

KBR IT work has been publicized through multiple brand websites, online newspaper, eCommerce and Affiliate marketing. With over 10 years of experience in graphic design, Website projects, our mission is:

“Perfecting Your Business”

Meet The Team


MD Humayun Kabir
CEO / Founder

WordPress Expert

Md Shahin
Website Developer

Kazi Tanha
Senior Editor

Bayazid Hossain
Apps Developer

Shakil Ahmed
E-commerce Expert

Istiaq Firoz Efat
Graphic Designer

Content Writer