Bilquis Ali – Nurse Coach

An ongoing project of 30 posts, 30 stories, 4 videos and 15 reels per month about a nurse coach. Working together for 3+ months. The projects contain information about the brand, promoting digital programs, very valuable tips about the niche, etc.

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    • Bilquis Ali
    • July 19, 2023

Did you know? 3 billion users are scrolling on social media right now, and some of them are your potential clients!

Using it for promotion is an ideal way to connect with them, showcase your products, and increase your revenue!

The smart entrepreneur will equip the business with the strongest weapons, and what better way to improve your online branding than with a social media manager?

As your personal Social Media Manager, we will assist and guide you through every step of your business’s success.

Client Feedback

Kbrit Solution was amazing to work with. Their team is second to none! The quality of their work is exceptional. This is my first month with them, but I'm excited to see how their services will assist me in growing my brand for the long term. I will be making their team part of my long-term social media management strategy. Great work, Kbrit team!

Bilquis Ali

RN & Certified Director of Nursing

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