Francisco Segovia – Executive Director at Comunidades Organizando el Poder y Accion Latina

Learning To Transform helps social change leaders increase their impact through strategic training support. Its partners work in nonprofits, unions, universities, and government, using education and training for social change. They work on issues ranging from public health to workers' rights, racial justice, and immigration reform. Learning To Transform uses a professional yet striking color palette that denotes leadership and passion for social change. The choice of all these elements gives the brand a unique, vibrant, and inspiring identity, which makes it connect with other social change leaders. The typography is bold and easy to read, which aligns with Learning To Transform's identity: be the change. Promotional, educational, and motivational content predominates on Learning To Transform, encouraging their audience to visit their website and register for the programs. Copies are one of the most potent ways to communicate the brand's identity.

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    • Francisco Segovia
    • October 04, 2022

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Client Feedback

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Francisco Segovia

Executive Director at Comunidades Organizando

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